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You will have been advised to prepare your mind, body and soul for the journey that lies ahead of you.
Positive affirmations for a Healthy Mind. We urge all of you to take the time to create an affirmation for your fertility journey. It can be simple, just a word, thought, prayer, a line of your favourite song. The only requirements are that you do not use any negative words. You have the power to change your present circumstances!


For Women

My body is a fertile place worthy of conception. I feel safe, supported and loved through my fertility journey. I support and love my partner through our fertility journey. I am worthy of love, life and happiness.

For Men

I love and support my partner on our fertility journey. I am worthy of happiness and abundance in all circumstances. I believe I can change my fertility. I appreciate all my body is capable of.


For Women

For Men

“Every aspect of my being was challenged: my self-worth,
my femininity, my profession, my marriage, my faith “ ~ Anonymous

Always remember that you are not alone. Contact a specialised Social Worker or Psychologist and they will give you the tools needed to equip you with the strength and the courage to “get started”.


Homeopathy has proved to be extremely valuable in treating infertility in both men and women. Other contributing factors might need to be dealt with separately, however homeopathic treatment can be applied to all. Pharmex Pharmacy has a great range of products to support you on this journey.


Acupuncture fertility treatment is thought to improve hormone balance, increase blood circulation in the uterus, and reduce the likelihood of miscarriage. It is believed that, when used in combination with IVF and other ART treatments, acupuncture fertility treatments can improve the likelihood of a successful embryo transfer.


Reflexology has been used for centuries to benefit health and wellbeing and there is ancient evidence that it has been used to aid fertility and conception and it still is to this day.


Complementary to Infertility treatment. Yoga and meditation can help women experiencing the challenges of infertility. The practice of meditation and relaxation can help increase the clarity of the mind, maintain healthy body chemistry, and give patients the patience to undergo the rigours of Infertility treatments Fertility yoga provides many benefits to your health when you are preparing for conception


  • Helps to “reset” your endocrine system; aiding hormonal balance
  • May help to clear adhesions and blockages in the reproductive areas
  • Increases circulation to the reproductive system
  • Supports a healthy immune system and supports the body in detoxifying
  • Brings peace and vitality to your conception journey
  • Creates an environment of clarity and reduces stress


Many women spend years trying to avoid getting pregnant using various contraceptive methods. However, when the time comes, when you actually would like to conceive a baby, some of you may find that it’s not as easy as you thought it was going to be.
If you are struggling to get pregnant, there are some exercises that could help you in conjunction with your treatments. Exercise can have amazing and beneficial effects on our fertility. It has also been known to reduce pain during our menstrual cycles and/or pain from endometriosis, fibroids or polycystic ovarian.


Contributes to overall health, including reproductive health. Couples that suffer from infertility are often faced with high amounts of stress. Reiki helps to reduce stress as it increases blood flow to reproductive organs, stimulates the hormone production and improves the immune system.


Dieticians specialise in helping clients adjust their diet to maximise fertility and promote a healthy pregnancy with or without treatment.


Fertility astrologists have success in diagnosing fertility issues in charts and finding potentially fertile times to try In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF) and other reproductive treatments.


Fertility coaches help empower the mind to get in touch with your physical and spiritual being to help you gain more control of your journey, whatever it may be.

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