The Angel Gown® Initiative

At a time of utmost grief and sorrow, an Angel Gown® is a small but deeply meaningful way to alleviate some of a family’s difficulties and great sadness. The Angel Gown® Initiative assists bereaved families with an important practical issue: how to provide a passed infant with the greatest dignity and grace. All Angel Gown® garments are hand-made and are a free donation. Donations are made through hospitals where grieving families are being assisted.
For more info visit the TAGI website.

The Hope Box Initiative

After losing her son Kaleb at 39 weeks gestation, Nanki started The Hope Box Initiative.  Hope Boxes are hand decorated, tangible gifts to parents who have suffered the loss of a baby.  They are given to loss parents to encourage them, to ensure them they are not alone and to give them hope.

Empty Wombs Support Group has become an integral part of The Hope Box Initiative.  Mothers who have joined the group get involved in decorating the boxes and help to provide the contents of the boxes.  Giving and reaching out to others does not only give their life meaning and purpose, it also helps them to integrate their pain with joy.  

For more info visit the HOPE BOX INITIATIVE WEBSITE